“Respect, hard work, dedication, teamwork and discipline will lead to success on and off the field”

We believe sports to be a great foundation for valuable life skills for student athletes. The complex game of lacrosse can be used as a tool to teach respect, hard work, dedication, teamwork and discipline. By teaching the players to buy into this philosophy, we are teaching them the recipe for success not only on the athletic field but in all future life experiences.

Our coaching staff takes pride in this philosophy, and being a group that loves the game of lacrosse that holds high moral character. Most importantly, we all enjoy being educators to the players of Greely boy’s lacrosse, and giving back to the game we love. It is our belief that young athletes need solid mentors that prove the value of consistency, leadership, sportsmanship and character.

The coaching staff wants to give back to the sport, our mentors, the community, and make a difference in the lives of the young men. In our personal experiences coaches have been valuable mentors that helped us learn strong core values. The process of growing up and deciding who you want to be can be difficult, and without proper guidance can be a challenge. It is important that young athletes have strong, positive, organized leadership to help in their journey.