The history of Greely Lacrosse starts in 1985 in North Yarmouth, Maine and has paved the road for all future lacrosse players in the Cumberland/ North Yarmouth community. Sitting at the kitchen table one night, the sons of longtime coach Matt Sharp came up from the basement from another bloody/bruising game of basement hockey. Being an avid sports enthusiast, Matt’s wife told the boys that Matt was starting a lacrosse team that spring. Never watching, playing or knowing anything about lacrosse Matt had now become Coach Sharp.

Learning Lacrosse Together

The spring of 1985 Coach Sharp, his sons and other boys all went out and starting learning the game of lacrosse together. By 1986 the group of boys became and club team and started playing competitive games. Coach sharp graded playing fields behind his house for a place to practice and play. By 1989 participation had grown and Greely Club lacrosse had its first winning season, and the following season the Greely athletic department started providing school fields and buses for Boys lacrosse. The same season there were several girls that wanted to participate in lacrosse, so coach Sharp enlisted Peter Wilies to create a Greely Girls Lacrosse team which quickly took a life of its own.

First State Championship

The highlight of Coach Sharp's Greely Coaching career came in 1996 when Greely Boy’s lacrosse won its lone division two state championship. Following the 1997 season coach sharp had been coaching Greely Boy’s lacrosse for 12 seasons, seeing the sport from a group of boys in the back yard to a fully school sanctioned sport. The school was insisting that Coach Sharp must take pay for his participation as coach of the team. After 12 seasons of donating his time to Greely lacrosse, Coach Sharp decided it was time to step aside and it was time for the program he had built carry on without him.

Cumberland Lacrosse Today

Coach Sharp's work has grown with the hard work and dedication of many people to follow, and has flourished through today. Cumberland / North Yarmouth lacrosse community currently has Boys Varsity, Boys Junior Varsity, Boy’s 8th Grade, Boy’s 7th Grade, Girls Varsity, Girls Junior Varsity, Girls 8th Grade, Girls 7th Grade, Cumberland/North Yarmouth Youth program.

Coach Sharp's message is still living strong today in the philosophy in which we follow. His respect, hard work, dedication, teamwork and discipline paved the road for so many student athletes to follow. We work hard today to continue and grow on the standard set by coach sharp.